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03/11/09 04:38 PM #1    

Steve Finke

Welcome to the Mt. Lebanon High School Class Of 1984 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/25/09 02:00 AM #2    

Paul Martinelli

Thanks Steve for setting this up for all of us.

04/25/09 07:49 PM #3    

Stephen T. Nardi

thanks steve you have done a great job! the site is easy to use and update!

05/18/09 02:18 PM #4    

Bobby Smith

This is a good website to talk with classmates. We all know the other social networks but this is specific to the LEBO class of 1984. I am looking forward to the reunion and it looks good that I will be in town. I am living overseas now and planning to move back to the US at the end of the summer. Anything I can do to help with the reunion let me know.

05/20/09 10:37 PM #5    

Jack Daly

If Smith is willing to help out, i vote we put him at the door in charge of security. we can also have Dumars behind the bar...O'Brien collecting money...Geyer bringing girls...Fox disappearing when the cops show up...Sinh as designated driver...Ciko can bail us all out...and Perri will steal the tap

06/10/09 01:06 AM #6    

Jeffrey A. Rose (Rose)

Jack has the plan down!

07/24/09 08:34 PM #7    

Marjorie Ellen Crist (Crist)

Recent news on one of our classmates! Jeff Stimmel is up for an Emmy!

Congratulations Jeff!!!

08/27/09 08:05 PM #8    

Steve Finke

Check out the "25 Year Reunion" link to the left. It has the details on the upcoming reunion and the registration form to send in.

Take a look and register today!

09/03/09 03:07 PM #9    

Ken F. Wolfe

I think Craig Davey should be collecting money. I was at a Steeler game with him like 15 years ago when after the game he was late getting back to the tailgate (a tailgate run by Sammy Palermo). He had like 300 bucks in cash in his hand. Turns out he was standing at the Clark Bar door collecting a "cover charge". A very industrious man. I'm sure some of our alumnus can fondly remember similar things happening to them, at the hand, and fist, of dear Craig. He hasn't changed much, either.

09/23/09 12:04 AM #10    

Jack Daly

Bob Smith is receiving a Mt Lebo Distinguished Alumnus award on Oct 2nd at the Lebo-Bethel football game...if you're in town, stop by to say hello. Bring your kids...i get a kick out of hearing my boys quiz him about other superheroes like Spiderman, Aquaman, etc. My 4 yr old--"Bobby, If you and Spiderman are fighting Deadpool and the Incredible Hulk, who would win and why?" priceless

09/23/09 02:23 PM #11    

Marjorie Ellen Crist (Crist)

There is a tailgate party at Center Court before the October 2nd Bethel Park game where the Distinguished Alumni will be honored. Tickets

10/22/09 10:45 AM #12    

Steve Finke

Registration Update...

Only 10 registrations to date for the reunion...going to be an awfully quiet night at this rate.

Click on the linke to the reunion page and register today!

Remember NO tickets at the door!

10/22/09 08:56 PM #13    

Jennifer Brennen

I appreciate all your hard work! Unfortunately, my family moved to Syracuse in 1985. Reunions over holiday weekends don't work for me because I go home to see my family. I've missed every reunion!
Have a great time!

11/10/09 08:25 PM #14    

Kathleen C. Dumire (Rullo)

Thanks for setting up this site, Steve, it's a great way to catch up with each other.

What is the current count for the Reunion?

11/12/09 03:09 PM #15    

Katie Simpson (Caste)

We are at 25 and climbing for the reunion! This will be a fun, casual night hanging out and having a few drinks with people you may not have seen for a while. Come on.

11/17/09 02:45 PM #16    

Kimiko Barkley (Crawford)

I'm so looking forward to seeing a lot of you who went through Jefferson/Markham schools and graduated from MTL...I can't believe I totally missed all the other reunions! Please come and party with me/us...

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